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    Sounds like FC5 should work with VorpX straight away, since it uses the same engine as FC4 I believe. Anyone know otherwise?


    Not impossible but unlikely, at least for Geometry 3D. So far every Far Cry profile required some kind of special treatment to be considered in a playable state.


    I’m excited to play this as well, and feel pretty confident we can get some decent Z3D working day one with an existing profile.

    Nearly all of my Ubisoft games have successful injection with some sort of stereo 3D. Unless they use a stubborn anticheat system (Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands). So far, Far Cry has not included anticheat. Let’s hope they don’t start.

    With any luck, I’ll try to put up an early profile on release night for anyone interested.


    Nice man, that would be pretty sweet.


    Bump for tonight, if you give it a try. :) Game looks pretty decent from the reviews.


    Bad news so far, turns out FC5 uses EasyAntiCheat after all, not able to hook for now…(insert curse word)…

    I haven’t tried everything yet (there is a supposed offline mode), but wanted to let you know we probably won’t be seeing Hope County in glorious VR tonight :( . Sorry.

    I’ll update if I find any breakthroughs.


    Hmm that sucks. If anyone can do it dellrifter, it has to be you. You’ve been nailing all the good non-official profiles that I’ve seen.

    Didn’t wildlands have anti-cheat as well, but that works.

    Anyway, thanks for trying! I’ll stay tuned in case you manage to crack it!


    Good news! Found a working bypass thanks to the trainer guys :)

    Had a successful play session in FC5 tonight, and sent a profile to the cloud.

    Forum wont let me recopy here for some reason so please see the other Far Cry 5 thread in the Game Hints forum.


    Good find! Thanks for reporting man!


    so…is it in geomtry 3d?


    Only Z3D with the current FC Primal based profile. I did briefly test profiles from FC3 and FC4 but didn’t produce any type of 3D. Could try other profiles, but Ralf said he’s had to do specific work on each FC to get G3D working.

    Z3D in current FC5 profile works about as good as can be expected, though it doesn’t work during cutscenes.

    The games FOV slider dosen’t seem to adjust the weapon models position nor the vehicle seating, so the more comfortable way to play is in slightly zoomed immersive cinema. This might make the scale seem a tad low, but the FOV will feel more natural.

    I’ll go ahead and paste the bypass method again below, in case someone has missed the other thread:


    EasyAntiCheat is blocking vorpX from hooking into FC5. Fortunately there is now a bypass method (thanks to the clever people writing trainers for the game) similar to the one used for Ghost Recon Wildlands that lets us play 🙂

    Understand that this is an unofficial “hack” that could potentially incite a ban if used online. Please use offline only and proceed at your own risk.

    To bypass the EAC:
    – Google search: “fearless revolution far cry 5 dunia engine 2” and find page 1.
    – Download the zip under “Instructions” of the [28.03.2018 – First Release].
    (The Updated method didn’t work for me, only the first)
    – Follow the installation instructions as copied below:

    A) Backing-up/renaming:
    – In your Far Cry 5/bin/ folder first rename EACLaunch.exe to EACLaunch.exe.BAK
    – In your Far Cry 5/bin/ folder rename FC_m64.dll to FC_m64.dll.BAK
    – In your Far Cry 5/bin/EasyAntiCheat/ folder, rename EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll to EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll.BAK

    B) Place EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll file from the archive into your Far Cry 5/bin/EasyAntiCheat folder.

    C) Place FC_m64.dll file from the archive into your Far Cry 5/bin/ folder.

    Now, set up a vorpX profile for FarCry5.exe and you are good to go.

    I’ve uploaded an Immersive Screen Z3D profile to the cloud for anyone to use.
    (tested on Pimax 4k with game settings: 16:10, FOV 94, reticle “centered”). Enjoy!


    Just wanted to add that I’ve made some profile adjustments that better suit the CV1 now, so Rift users can check the cloud if they wish.

    For me an FOV around 96 in game worked best.


    is far cry 5 good with Z3D?



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