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    I got my first Vr today (Oculus Quest 2) and connected it to the PC just to recognize, my favourite game has no VR support. So I bought VORPX and tried to set it up for at least the whole day. But I can’t get it working with 6DOF.
    I managed to get a better resolution and even to set the Shadows perfectly high. The game looks ok in the Headset but when you look around, you get sick instantly, cause the head in-game is only turning, but not moving.
    I know fs19 has a head and eye-tracking support and I thought someone told me, it’s possible to get 6DOF for the head as well…
    is that just not possible or am I missing a setting somewhere????

    please help!


    With G3D enabled 6DOF tracking should be available in this case. If it’s not on per default (should be normally), you can enable it on the head tracking page of the vopX menu.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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