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    hi, this is a feature request

    i’ve added every possible custom resolution to my pc and most of the time it still doesn’t behave right in a lot of games.

    for example one problem lots of people must have is that higher resolution makes gui’s glitchy, stuff like that. or a game just wont allow you to choose anything except a couple resolution options, even with .ini and registry tweaks.

    now in steamvr and dgvoodoo and even some emulators you have the option of increasing the internal resolution of 3d graphics while leaving 2d/hud/gui elements unchanged–

    in fact you can even select from low resolutions in-game, if it is the case that the game was never made to support especially high resolutions, and yet when you play the game obviously all 3d graphics are being rendered at many times the resolution.

    even some games have this setting and call it “render scale” or similar .

    i know there’s a sharpener function in vorpx but that’s totally different.

    obviously antialising with supersampling exists but that too is kind of different in practice, it never seems to look quite as good as having a higher render scale, and also there doesn’t seem to be a way while in-game with vorpx to change a supersampling setting there anyway (so why fuss about adding it when render scale is better to add anyway?).

    having custom resolutions or even an alternate range of resolutions (like with the new virtual monitor feature) are good to have of course, but really to just get most of these games working without tons of tweaking to account for every possible gui/hud glitch, this kind of 3d resolution scaling would be the best


    couldnt edit post so just adding here:

    openxr has its own global (not game specific) resolution scaling setting but it has glitches and compatibility issues compared to the other methods listed in my first post, so i dont consider it a good option

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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