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    Reaver Shadow

    While im still on v21.3.5, i love the idea of gesture control mapping. I generally find the Quest controllers more comfortable then an Xbox/PS, but it has reduced inputs and we also need the all important VorpX buttons. Even with shift/alt, sometimes a double tap or press and hold are quicker.

    Is is possible to add double tap and/or press and hold? Obviously some games have buttons that are needed to be held, like crouch (unless it’s toggle based), and double tap/press and hold wouldn’t be used for those.


    If a game binds actions to press+holding or double tapping a key that should work with any controller binding in vorpX too normally. key down/up events are sent on controller button down/up, so unless a game does something weird it shoud detect both press+hold as well as double tapping just as if you did the same on the keyboard.

    BTW: You can go back to the last regular build from 24.1.0 by uninstalling it and then reinstalling the last regular build.

    Reaver Shadow

    Sorry, i may have confused my request with last statement. For clarification in my request, i will use an example with Game bindings (will use The Witcher, as that’s what I recently attempted to plan out a key mapping for).

    For the most part, the game binds are single press (single_tap, push, press, etc.), except movement WASD. As far as i can tell, the game as no built in key mapping ability for press+hold or double_tap key mapping. Using the “A” button on the Quest Motion Controller, here is a description of the feature request (again using default The Witcher key binds):

    Quest Motion Controller ‘A’ | Keyboard key | Game Function
    Single_tap | Spacebar | Pause
    Tap + Hold | Z | Quen Sign Magic
    Double_Tap | Q | Draw Steel Sword

    These are in addition to using the VorpX MAP_SHIFT key, so potentially a total of 6 key mappings to a single Motion Controller button. Although, I’ll admit, i likely wouldn’t use MAP_SHIFT with more then Single_tap (Tab | Sheath Weapon, for those curious).

    While I can’t currently access the cool VR Hotkey “gaze menu”, via motion controller, I did plan it out, and without additional inputs, such as this feature request, there are still 4 key i would like to have access to without being able to look at keyboard.


    I see. I’ll think about it.

    No promises though, there are pros and cons to weigh here. While technically that would be possible, it would be confusing as hell if a game actually uses long press or double press actions by itself. Would obviously cause a total mess in such cases.

    Reaver Shadow

    @Ralf, thank you very much for giving consideration to my request, and letting me know you’ll consider it. It’s not often you hear a dev say they think about your suggestion.

    My thoughts on the possible confusion.
    – I would leave it up to the user to do the mapping, rather then have defaults. This way should a game have tap+hold default functions, it wouldn’t cause an issue and its up to user to assign. (Star Trek online for example has this hidden in the game engine, and you have to setup through console commands). Alternatively, as an example to demo this feature to users, use something like the Fn Keys (or use AI to search if there is some keys which no game has used as tap+hold).

    – I can also see how double_tap could cause confusion, because if the single_tap is assigned to a game function that’s used frequently (God forbid someone assign a punch, or fire function), then double_tap could get triggered more then desired. This again is why I would simply have no default key binds assigned to these advanced functions, its a great available advanced feature, available to users/games that would benefit from it. If a button is not assigned either of these advanced functions, it disabled,

    – There are a few keybinding software, such as reWASD,( and I believe SteamInput), which has the ability to add tap+hold and/or double_tap to controller. You can review how they implemented the feature. (Don’t believe I can use these with VorpX)

    -LOL, it actually just occurred to me, that The Witcher (and STO) both implemented double_tap and press+hold (although not as a secondary function trigger). WASD. Double tap either and you preform a roll/dodge. (Although it doesn’t work so well when WASD is assigned to Thumbstick)

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