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    Hello again,

    Recently I have tried out The Crew 1 (a racing game) in Vorpx and I noticed that the game sort of supports mouse look pretty well while in the hood camera. However, it does not support looking up and down, only left and right.

    I think it would be pretty neat to have some kind of advanced option to have the screen’s pitch angle ‘locked’ in world space at least. Perhaps a multiplier value for pitch and yaw would be more suitable for games that have restricted mouse movement. It would cover for games where looking up and down has a lower sensitivity than left and right, or games that straight up lock certain axises of mouse look motion like what I mentioned above.

    This is just an idea for a minor feature that popped up in my head while playing around with The Crew 1. Another feature request that involves adding yet even more options to the Vorpx menu lol.

    Keep up with the great work with Vorpx, Ralf! Definitely one of my favorite softwares to tinker around with. :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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