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    I’ve really been enjoying Vorpx so far. However, I have been struggling with one thing quite a bit:

    If I for instance want to join a friend in game via Vorpx, I have to be able to see my Desktop. However, that’s not possible if Vorpx with my game is open. That makes it quite annoying to join a friend, (and in some cases, like Factorio apparently, impossible).

    I don’t know if I’m overlooking this feature, since I’m quite new to VorpX, but I haven’t found it up until now.

    Can you please make an key combination/menu button to switch to VorpX Desktop while the game is still running? Or maybe something (similar) like the SteamVR Desktop view from in game. Would love to be able to stay in VR for this.

    Great software so far!


    This feature would require a huge effort, and TBH I’m not really sure whether it would work at all. vorpX runs directly inside a game (or the desktop viewer), it doesn’t just capture the window. So it’s either the desktop or a game, not both at once.

    To do what you want, vorpX would have to detect that you have switched to the desktop, detach from the game, attach to desktop viewer and vice versa when you switch back to the game. There are way too many things that can go wrong doing that, starting with reliably detecting that you have switched to the desktop.

    You could pause the vorpX watcher after opening the desktop viewer and play games windowed in 2D using the desktop viewer, but of course that would pretty much defeat the purpose of using vorpX.


    If you are using an Oculus headset you can already see the desktop and interact with it from Vorpx by just pressing the VR menu button on the right controller and choosing desktop view. It floats in front of the game. You can also pin desktop windows like chat, if you enable this. This is Oculus functionality, and works perfectly within Vorpx games.

    I’m not sure about it when using other headsets with SteamVR’s desktop view though. I’d try OVRToolkit on Steam.

    There are also other similar programs on Steam – search “OVR”.


    What’s wrong with SteamVR Desktop view from in game? I get it might not work unless you’re using SteamVR but it’s not that bad of a compromise imo


    The issue with starting SteamVR (or Oculus if I had one) is that you have to have your VR controller starting up, just to get to the Desktop. Then once you see the Desktop, it’s the full screen game, switching back to the keyboard again to minimize it (Alt+Tab).
    For some games that won’t even work (maybe because I have WMR, and it is either controlling VR, or controlling the Desktop). So I have to often take of my headset to be able to minimize the game. Once it’s minimized, it usually works again (not sure why).
    Even a button to be able to simulate the SteamVR button press and minimizing the game would be awesome.


    Thank you for your quick reply Ralph. I appreciate the huge effort you have put in this project as a Game Technology student myself. I don’t want to ask the impossible of you.

    If you would be able to make a quick hack for it like in my previous message (even if it’s just a SteamVR button press from the controller simulation, if that’s possible), I would be very grateful. If not, don’t worry, I still like VorpX, although it’s not really suitable for arranging multiplayer without the desktop functionality. Still nice for single player games!


    On the Index you just hit the button on the HMD, it’ll drop you to the steamVR menu, and you can swap to desktops from there.


    Yeah, wish I had an index for the controllers as well, but I have WMR and on that headset, there is no button for SteamVR :/

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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