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    From what I have tried so far, I am loving VorpX.

    With some games you have to hold down a mouse button to look around, usually the right mouse button. Would it be possible to be able to program a ‘virtual finger’ that will ‘hold’ down a mouse button? Perhaps have a keyboard key to turn this feature on/off?

    This feature will make even more games playable. Even if it does not support stereo 3D I will most definitely play at least a couple of games that I have that have this kind of mouse look system. Would this be possible?

    A question, would VorpX ever take advantage of the saved calibration data from the SDK configuration utility (in some way)? Drift is an annoying thing and will be good to be able to limit it to a minimum.


    vorpX already uses the calibration data from the Oculus config tool.

    And if no calibration data is found it starts the automatic calibration that tries to calibrate silently in the background.

    The right click – functionality you suggest is by pure coincidence already in vorpX’s gamepad emulation, there is just no GUI-Button to activate it. I’m not sure whther I’d like to expose it, since vorpX’s original design pilosophy was to have as less switches and buttons as possible. On the other not much of this philosophy is left anyway due do people constanty requesting arcane stuff like you do… :)



    Well, the main reason I asked was because I would love to play Train Simulator 2014 in the Rift. It already looks great in the Rift albeit in 2D. I also have a RailDriver desktop train controller so having a feature like that would make me a very very happy man. Looks like I will have to resort to another technique to look around the virtual cab with the Rift.


    i wish i could Play the Train Simulator 2014 too!

    the Problem is the mouse look with pressed down right mouse button.


    Hi guys,

    I experimented with this today a bit, since it would be nice for a few more games. Keeping the button pressed automatically is easy in general, but can have side effects. I’m not sure whether there is a good way to handle it without side effects.

    I’ll test a few additional things. If I find a way to make this work good enough, it will be added. No promises though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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