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    In several games, but latest one in gta 4 there is gamepad support and keyboard/mouse. The main problem comes from game not supporting smooth input from both. Like you cant look around with mouse head tracking and movie with gamepad sticks, it will either disable one input or make it very choppy while it tries to switch in between them.

    For example in gta 4 my gamepad has a bit of drift on left stick and I was very confused why on keyboard everything worked but move forward on W – gamepad was inputting move forward, not enough to move in game character but enough to disable keyboard forward key as it had same function.

    I know vorpx has gamepad emulated head tracking, but it has its own issues and when I try keyboard/mouse for shooting on foot it gets in the way again.

    Ideally I want mouse emulated head tracking while driving as it works very well looking around and driving is better with gamepad, but I want 1 button solution, ideally on gamepad stick to toggle head tracking on/off.

    Gta 4 is just latest example, having quick hotkey/gamepad function to toggle head tracking when needed could be very useful in a lot of games as there are moment when it can be immersive, but in combat and stuff it can get in a way.


    The solution to conflicts like the one you describe is the gamepad mapper. Turning head tracking on/off all the time doesn’t really sound overly desirable to me TBH. What issues did you encounter with the gamepad mapper?


    I will try it again, but it was just too laggy and choppy and was causing same issues when I was switching to kb/mouse – small head movements from head were interrupting mouse/keyboard inputs (in gta 4)

    For now I will use gamepad remapper to input keyboard command for autohotkey to open vorpx menu quickly and toggle head tracking from head tracking menu I guess. See if its really worth having or I will not even want to use it if it was in.


    Tried all kinds of emulation, gamepad head tracking, gamepad as kb/mouse (kinda works but dont get analog input for driving which is main point of using it) etc. Specifically for gta 4 and especially combined with 1st person mod with all its hacky impementation mouse head tracking is only way to go but interfiles with gamepad input for camera making gamepad camera turn very choppy if my head is moving, like when I want to turn it.

    Anyway whats more disappointing was discovering there is no quick button for toggling head tracking, switching it off in HT tab switches head tracking in immersive screen as well.

    What I wanted was basically 1 button solution to toggle head tracking multiplier to 0 and back to whatever you have set before instead of holding left and right arrow for a while.


    Seems to be something extremely weird issue with your mod setup. The whole purpose of the X-Box gamepad override is disabling any native gamepad input and translating it to mouse/kb instead, which under normal circumstances solves any conflict when a game does not allow both gamepad and mouse together.

    Granted, you’ll lose analog stick-steering in exchange for head tracking if just partially overriding the right stick doesn’t work, but that should be pretty much the only ‘problem’ when you use the mapper. Might make sense to reset the profile to default in the config app if you did a lot of tweaking.

    The head tracking on/off behavior incidentally will change in the next vorpX version BTW. Instead of turning the whole tracking system off, it will only affect game camera tracking. I’ll consider your suggestion for the hotkey, I’m just always a bit hesitant to add yet another hotkey for stuff that (like this one) would only be useful under extremely rare circumstances, especially if there is a whole subsystem pretty much just for dealing with the matter at hand in a much better way.


    Well in general head tracking is good to do aiming playing with controller when it works well but often its still better to play with a mouse and keyboard for proper snap shots etc, but head tracking is immersive when you come to a vista or something, basically one of the reasons vr is so worth it for games.

    So ignoring my current issues with the game toggle button could do same function as edge peek. I switch edge peek for combat since it has lower sickening factor, then switching on immersive mod to have game fill my FOV for immersion. Similar way head tracking could be used (technically edge peek already lowers head tracking-to-mouse sensitivity, but small head movements you didnt mean to do might mess longshots still)

    I dont know how much work it would require but ideally default simple setup is good for people who are confused with vorpx as is but having like a cfg file where you could bind any key to almost any function could let people adjust vorpx behavior to fit their specific needs even more than it can be done now.

    There are several groups of people here, some are very confused with the app as it is, but some would love more functionality. I can only suggest things, not demand. What we have is a lot already and lets me enjoy games. Finally as much as I want many quality of life improvements like these I would appreciate generic modern opengl profile like we talked about in another thread and you have said time is limited as is.

    Thats all, seems like everything on the topic here is said. Thanks.


    Well in general head tracking is good to do aiming playing with controller when it works well but often its still better to play with a mouse and keyboard for proper snap shots etc, but head tracking is immersive when you come to a vista or something, basically one of the reasons vr is so worth it for games.

    TBH I have still difficulties to grasp what exact problem you are trying to solve. That’s precisely what the gamepad override is for. Whenever a game does not allow gamepad and mouse input at the same time, the gamepad override solves this conflict by translating gamepad input to kb/mouse. The only “issue” that arises from that is that steering with the left stick becomes digital instead of being analog.

    The alternative to that would be not being able to use a gamepad at all when you want mouse based head tracking in games that can’t handle mouse and gamepad input at the same time. Simply put: with the override disabled it’s either gamepad or mouse based head tracking in affected games. With the override (mapping) enabled you can have both, at the small price of digital steering in this particular case. Seems a bit to me as if maybe you consider something a to be an issue that actually solves one.


    Its not about gamepad/mouse or whatever, its mostly about headtracking helping to be more immersed during some moments in game, while being in the way during other moments. Thats it. Switching it on/off is just a bit of a choir having to hold arrow keys for a bit.


    Hi @Ralf & @Smoils,
    I see your points.
    I’m an Arma3 player. Predominantly using mounted guns on vehicles that have a single pivot point.
    I’m looking at what smoils has said, and this would help me too:
    Remapping the left oculus controller trigger button, this would hard aim on the weapons sights as well as deactivate the Head TrackIR. Therefore so long as I am aiming (holding aim button), the crosshair will go to wherever I turn my head. When I release the aim button, I am back to freelook around the gun. This would simulate the gun a lot better and allow real life gun stocks to be built etc.
    Hopefully that makes sense?


    The general use case of what @HTMadge described seems to be for games that have two or more mechanics that are very different.
    For example RPGs can be very different in exploration vs. combat. When exploring it’s nice to look around, but in combat the camera can follow a target. With head tracking there are two sources trying to orient the camera resulting in a janky experience.
    Shooters can also have very different mechanics for example switching from first person to third person when entering a vehicle.

    Another issue is with games that display kb+mouse hints when the mouse is moving, even if the control option is a gamepad. For the most part this is just a minor nuisance. But during some scripted interactive action sequences the mechanic itself is that you need to press some buttons the game tells you to.

    Chris Stafford

    I would like to request this feature too. Here’s why.

    (I’m using keyboard + mouse).

    The issue I am having is in Far Cry 5, but I’d imagine it’s fairly general.

    When I bring up the Far Cry 5 map, it’s a full screen overlay so I switch to edgepeek mode so I can read it. That works fine.

    The problem is when I move my head to read the text in the corners of the screen, the mouse cursor moves with my head movement. That makes it nearly impossible to read text that only appears when you hover over something with the cursor, as the hover text disappears as soon as you move your head to read it due to the mouse cursor moving with your head in Head Tracking mode.

    If there was a way to map Head Tracking mode (on / off) to a button, I’d use it alongside edge-peek and everything would work great.


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