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    Hey guys and gals.

    Im new to all this and slowly reading my way through the forum and trying to tinker with things.

    Anyways i have a few issues with a couple of games that ive tried.

    I played Titanfall 2 last night in VR and actually thought it was fantastic the graphics looked good but not great…Im using Steam VR is there a way to make the graphics better in this game? I messed about with satuartion/Brightness etc and it made it stand out more in color but is there a way to make the pixels look more crisp?Is there a way to be able to see the menu in front of me? I feel as if i need take my headset off to read the menu and objectives because its far to close in VR.

    When playing Star Wars Lego,i tried the vorpx setting and the game ran in full VR,the issue i had though is that i was right behind the chracter on screen and my head tracking was all over the place….I tried to fix the head tracking via the menu but it wouldnt work. I feel as if im far to close to the character and i actually feel sick (and i never get VR sickness from any game).

    Outlast…Outlast looked good but not great in terms of character and item size. I feel as is im either to tall and the chairs and tables are to small or vice versa…im to small in VR…Game looks good though but the size and scale seems off.

    TBH i actually really enjoyed playing in immersive mode…I played MK11 in that mode and the 3d effects were really good…I actually really enjoyed this. Sitting on a chair in VR but playing a game within a game really got me hooked…WHat other fighting games or 2d Platformers work well in this mode?

    Thanks for any help..and i ll continue to read the forums for more knowledge….Glad i purchased this now.


    Image Quality/Sharpness:

    You can run games at any resolution. For some games vorpX can handle that via the ‘Resolution Quality’ option on the DirectVR page of the menu. For games without automatic resolution handling, you can set a higher res yourself in the game options. Make sure to check the ‘Custom Resolution’ section of the vorpX help for adding resolutions to your PC higher than it can normally display.

    For further optimization use the ‘Clarity’ setting in the menu (‘Image’ page), which provides high quality upscaling from the game res to the headset res. That’s no substitute for a decent game res though. Garbage in, garbage out.


    In all Geometry 3D games you can adjust the scale to your liking with the ‘3D-Strength/Scale’ option in the menu. The default is typically dialed in to be close to natural scale, but if you think it’s off, the available margin usually ranges from being a virtual 30cm dwarf to being a 10m giant as far as the perceived world scale is concerned.


    If you haven’t done so already, check the ‘Quick Reference’ and ‘Essential Hints’ guides in the vorpX help. They explain the most important things, spending a bit of time to read them will save you a lot of unnecessary trial and error.


    Thank you…Will look into it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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