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    Hi! I’ve gat trouble with rFactor1.

    First, my surroundings of game playing is below.

    ・Game: rFactor1
    ・Use Accuforce steering
    ・Use Simcommander plugin (v4.0.0.45)
    ・vorpX version is

    When I start to run in rfactor1, FFB gives very strong force randomly. It is obviously deffernt from as always.

    And, I tried to play without vorpX, then the FFB got normality.

    So I try to add the application Simcommader to excluded programs of vorpX, but somehow I can’t add that. I tried to add another application, and it was succeed.

    I think this is application trouble, but please tell me what to do.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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