Final Exam

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    Final Exam (G3D)

    Hack n Slay sidescroller from 2013.

    – Optimzed for Cinema Modes
    – Hint: Disabling main shadows makes game look dull
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Hi, RJK tested your profile, it does work. I have played for 30 minutes and reached the point where I met Alberto the mechanic. There are some shadow issues later in game. No problem for me I switched to no sdr and turned off vertex shader 3511972867(dont know if they are dynamically produced), but maybe you want to take a deeper look. Greetz


    Thanks for the report! VS 3511972867 is connected to almost every shadow of the game, disabling it makes the game look a bit cheap so i left it ON first. The shader is now set to “shadow” so users can temporarily switch G3D shadow treatment OFF when running into issues.

    – Turn OFF G3D shadow treatment when meeting issues with shadows

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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