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    Just wondering why no one has ever tried to get Final Fantasy 7 PC to work? Is it possible to get it working in 3D? Any profiles work with it? Would look even better with all the HD mods available…


    Does anyone know what profiles might work with this? Specifically the Steam version of Final Fantasy 7.




    This is a total shot in the dark, but bare with me.

    I dont think this game has any ‘real’ 3d elements, might be wrong, but I suspect there isnt a single Vorpx profile to use to build off of this.

    That being said, there is potentially a trick you could do, that -might- get you what youre looking for.

    Reshade has a 3d option that does Side by Side 3d, which you can use Vorpx Desktop Viewer to view in 3d.

    So, get Reshade, then when youre ataching Reshade to the game, make sure to include “Depth3d by BlueSkyDefender”. Let it all install into the game.

    Once its installed, skip the tutorial or go thru it, doesnt matter. But press “Home” to activate the Reshade menu and select “SuperDepth3d_VR”, click the box for that and then, in the bottom right, click “performance mode”.

    Launch Vorpx Desktop Viewer. From there you will get an option in the “Image Settings” for Content Type and select “Side by Side”. Switch back to FF7. That – MAY – make the game 3d, I honestly do not know because I dont have a copy of it.

    Good luck.

    Just google “Reshade” to find the most recent download of it, its quite simple, pin it to your taskbar, then itll ask you to pick the game you want, pick FF7, itll ask you which graphical options you want, skip everything except for the “Depth3d by BlueSkyDefender”, itll handle the install on its own from there once you press OK.

    If you want more help, give me your steam name and I can chat with you on there about it


    Thanks for your help. But, I’ve used ReShade before and was hoping VorpX itself could render the game in 3D, because speaking from experience, using ReShade causes the game to have slightly worse resolution while viewing it from within Virtual Desktop.


    If you find the engine of game , i can help you tu find a working profile. I try to serch on google , but i dont find anything


    Didn’t want to say anything bc idk about the pc version but if you can’t get it to work on vorpX you can always play the PSX game emulated…

    PS1 Games in 3D via Tridef in Vorpx Cinema

    In any case, it’s also good for any other PSX game. Never tried tho


    Can SuperDepth3d_VR be used with Virtual Desktop because VorpX Desktop Viewer doesn’t work for me. I tried using SuperDepth3d_VR with Virtual Desktop and the screen is not split. There is also an artifact or line going down the middle.

    I was able to use the regular version of SuperDepth3d though as that splits the screen and then I can merge the screens with Virtual Desktop. But is there a way I can use SuperDepth3d_VR? Would like to see if it makes a difference compared to the regular version.


    i used it in everquest and TheBalt solution work !
    just need a gaming mouse and keybord to have all the you need to click ig to be keybind

    thk you TheBalt

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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