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    Hey, all. I’ve been having a blast running high res Z3D titles with my Reverb lately and have been wanting to try out Final Fantasy XV next. I’ve ran into a couple issues so I’d thought I’d check in with the community.

    First, can anyone confirm if Z3D still works for this title? I could never get it to pop in once set even when messing with the usual suspects like fullscreen and resolution or just reloading the game. If it’s still functional I’ll keep trying different settings.

    Second, and this isn’t a vorpx issue but hoping someone can offer insight… Has anyone with a HP Reverb connected even been able to launch the game? Even without vorpx running? I spent awhile troubleshooting different display settings in the graphic config file but the only way to get the game to launch is by unplugging the usb connection from the Reverb to the pc. Game launches just fine with my Odyssey + and with vorpx hooking too. I’ve tried with both my steam game and the demo on Origin so pretty stumped by this one.

    Any info helps! Thanks :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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