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    I know vorpx can run a lot of different games, and many of them have their own quirks. I have never gotten the opportunity to try vorpx, because the Vive is my first headset. One of the main reasons I want vorpx is to play Morrowind, and actually enter INTO my favorite world of Vvardenfell. I have looked for first hand accounts of how Morrowind works with Vorpx, but they are few and far between, and lacking in description.

    As I very patiently await Vive support for Vorpx, I was wondering if someone with FIRST HAND experience may be able to offer me a little description or review of how it is, and what I should expect? I would love any information. Please, someone give me a description of what the game is like in VR with vorpx!

    PS: I am also interested to hear the same for Oblivion! Morrowind is my main interest, but Oblivion is second up on my list!


    Oblivion works fairly well for me.
    Try the 9:8 resolution and fov of 120 with geometry 3D.
    One annoyance is the fov resets every time you talk to an NPC. If you set the FOV to 120 in the Oblivion ini file then buttons and icons do not line up properly.
    There is an OBSE mod that fixes this but I had difficulty getting OBSE to work properly with vorpX. So I suggest just running plain old Oblivion and having a nice easy hotkey for setting the FOV (default for vorpx is alt+V) but I suggest an easy single key because you will be pressing it a lot.
    Otherwise oblivion is great. (Sorrry no experience with morrowind yet)

    After you play a bit a flat screen just won’t look the same again! You really get a feel for the scale (make sure to play with the 3D seperation until it feels right, I use 0.7 for 9:8 resolution with fov 120 but is different for everyone). I found Skyrim to be the most profound because the mountains just go up and up and you don’t get a proper feel for the height and scale when you play on a monitor. Morrowind should be good too!


    Thanks for replying Alegse! I was kind of worried that maybe my hope of playing Morrowind and Oblivion in VR may have been misplaced. This is great news to me! I also got some input on Morrowind from the Oculus reddit page, and indeed… it does not sound like my hope is misplaced! I cannot wait for this experience. Thank you for sharing your settings as well. I had searched quite a bit to find first hand accounts, or youtube videos, and didnt find much of anything. It really says something when you stated that a flat screen wont look the same again. Very promising, Ralf’s Vive support cannot come soon enough!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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