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    Yong Yea is my second favorite reviewer.
    Lets hope Ralf will make us all happy cry shortly after Thursday!!


    reviews are quite worrying, lots of bugs, performance is abysmal (ie 3090 at 4k rtx on = 48 fps max, far from their recommanded chart they released some time ago), they also say AI is crap….

    i really hope day 1 patch will fix most of the issues.

    else every thing else seems on par with my expectations :)


    Bugs are fixable. I’m just glad the core game is solid and live up to the hype.


    Since the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Fiasko, the Pipeline of new Games in my “loot scheme” was empty. Bloodlines 2, Dying Light 2, Mass Effect Remastered and Watch Dogs Legion were postponed and the only Game i loved in 2020 was Mafia Remastered. I finished Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017 on a PS4, and play it again was boring. CP77 will save my love to Video Games in general, 2020 and Covid sucks my Passion.

    Today is a day to celebrate for all Vorpx Gamer. Over 100 hours of Highest Quality Triple A Content. Only GTA 6, Red Dead Redemption 3 and Squadron 42 are able to beat it. CP77 is a first person game and that is what we need in VR. Its DRM Free and can be modded by the community from day 1.

    The most Teething Bugs and Glitches will be fixed by CDPR in hurry, it was the same in the Witcher 3 and this was one of the best Video Game of All time. Overly Critical Point of Views are whining at a highest level.


    „Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam.“


    >>>”2020 and Covid sucks my Passion”

    Yes, as far as gaming goes, 2020 can suck my.. passion.. as well.
    Cyberpunk will be **most** welcome indeed.
    Not sure what your cyber code at the end means. If its a secret 2077 club code, I want in.

    I took a video of myself watching the combat section of the review. You can see the bugs in combat are bad.
    (hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves….)

    Ah, googled it. Got it! ;)


    “and Squadron 42 are able to beat it. ”

    bwahhaahah yeah once that decade-old audio of Gary Oldman sleepwalking his way through a bad script hits our brains, it’s over for Rockstar and CDPROJEKT.

    Once they ship a single successful game, you can compare those clowns to literally the most successful studios in the business.


    I’m playing the Wing Commander Games since 1990 and that is the Reason why i trust Chris Roberts. There were always problems, but he’s not a con man or fraudulent. I guess he will release Squadron 42 in 2023, after 10 years Development, and its ok for me. If he had developed it secretly over 10 years and didn’t start a Kickstarter, he would be a hero for you and other critical thinker,too. The hype of the teenagers for this and many other Games and buying Star Citizen Ships for hundreds of dollars is a completely different matter, in this Point I agree with the Haters. But this is caused by the business model of the Kickstarter. You need 2 or 3 Publisher to get 300 Million Dollar for a Development of 10 years, and thats impossible. The Publisher want to earn money every year and are not interested in such a Project. In my Opinion Chris Roberts is a “Raving Lunatic Nerd”, and thats cool !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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