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    Skyrim + dk2 + vorpx is excellent, especially in the latest version of vorpx (well done to the vorpx team).

    There is a problem with the fov’s. The FOV needs to be about 120 but this makes your hands/arms etc huge. I searched for a solution, some suggested using view mods but they’re not ideal and a bit messy.

    A solution is to go into your Skyrim.ini file (in ..\Documents\My Games\Skyrim) change 2 values to these:


    The first value sets the game fov. The seconds sets the fov of your hands/arms etc (your 1st person view).

    You must also do the following for these changes to take effect and persist:

    Start Skyrim, load a save or a new game, press tab, select map. Then exit the map. You’ll see the fov’s from the ini file take effect. Save the game. Fov’s are now permanent.

    Obviously you can change the fov value’s to suit your taste.


    The FOV needs to be about 120 but this makes your hands/arms etc huge.

    Strange, a bigger FOV should make your arms smaller, not bigger. And I always thought our arms look huge simply because the 3d model is huge.
    Well thanks I will try your fix, the huge arms is more or less the last flaw before getting a near-VR-native game.


    It’s not perfect but it’s better. You see less of your player model but you’re right it’s still too big, but it’s not as obvious as you see less of it.

    The 3d player model can be edited with mods, that would be the ideal solution.


    I have the FOV set at 120 and the 1st person FOV set at 140. I’m using the enhanced camera mod as well. It looks better as you said but not quite right yet..Can you suggest a specific mod or mods that will fix the giant arms issue? I am so close to Skyrim VR! Bioshock Infinite, Alien Isolation, and Dishonored have been a blast. I can’t wait to get started with Skyrim. I see so many other mods I want to install I just need to fix these big arms!! Thanks in advance.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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