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    Today i found out that one of my 3D Vision fixes also worked with VorpX. I am not shure (if other 3D vision fixes would make other games playable for vorpX ) if it is allowed to mention this here in the forum in connection with a game profile.

    Just want to make shure, if that is not ok, then i wont do it again, but if so i would try some other 3D vision fixes for certain problems.


    The only things that aren’t allowed are piracy related matters including everything that circumvents any kind of DRM. Unless your fix doesn’t circumvents/bypasses a game’s (or 3D Vision’s) DRM, you can freely post it, of course.

    Rule of thumb: since 3D-Vision is restricted to certified hardware, which is how nVidia makes money with it, everything that circumvents this hardware restriction is to be considered a DRM bypass that (for hopefully understandable reasons) cannot be discussed here.


    Thanks for answering Ralf.

    my fixes only concern broken shaders or ini settings. No DRM bypassing ect. of coarse.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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