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    Brzi Joe

    Hello world. And Ralph :)
    I have one idea for longer time, another way to play flat screen games in vr.
    I call it Flashlight mode.

    Imagine that you have a flashlight (attached to gun) in your hand, and that you can see only in direction of your flashlight (“Virtual screen” is in that direction). If you turn your head away, you will not see anything. In principle, the screen is then locked to your hand. Moving hand means also moving position of your virtual screen in vr.

    Hand position should be binded as mouse, and projected screen picture have to be synchronized with movement in game world (pointing down – you will see ground, pointing up – you will see sky). That is not impossible to make, I saw such mouse/view binding in mobile apps (i.E. “Half Life 1” in Xash3D VR).

    I would really like to try that setup with non vr fps games. Unfortunately, I am not big fun of static virtual screens or head aiming. This way view and aim would be separate.

    Ralf, what do you say? Is it possible to make it working, in a acceptable quality and performance? Maybe with options for virtual screen size and native resolution, so we can try at least with older games?

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