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    Hi ppl !
    I am a -less than 12 hours- frustrated owner of this software.
    I am a flight simmer and the idea was to get control over the stereoscopic rendering (disabling it) so I get the best frame rate.
    All tests in Windows 7 and fresh Win10 installations.

    – FSX (steam edition): really bad quality, choppy and crashes from time to time. Only DirectX9 (BAD).
    – Prepar3d v3: No luck whatsoever. Only shows airplane preselector.
    – DCS1.5 : Ha !!!!! Not even close
    – DCS2.0.3 : See above.

    Please, if anyone can provide any tips (and prove me a moaning old fart) I will be delighted.
    I honestly am just about from uninstalling and forgetting the 37 euros (total waste for me).

    Thanks in advance.

    PS. I did send an e-mail to the authors requesting a trial before buying but had no luck. Maybe they should think seriously about it.


    If You want to play FSX in VR I would strongly recommend buying FlyInside Is nothing wrong with VorpX – I personally thing is great software – but I just can’t imagine playing FSX without all these extra features FlyInside have. Without it, You would need to continuously take Your hands of the joystick/yoke to grab the mouse, and that completely breaking immersion for me.

    Also, I can’t see Prepar 3d or DCS on the list off games supported by VorpX so no wonder You can’t make it work.

    And about the frame rate in FSX in VR. Try to use trial FlyInside and disable all traffic in FSX options. You will gain incredible amount of FPS, more then by cutting resolution in half and turning off AA. FlyInside also have built-in asynchronised time wrap which will help You with low FPS.


    Hi szeliga90
    Thanks for your answer.
    Totally agree with you in all points.
    I have already tried flyinside and it is fine, but only for prepar3d. Plus the latest prepar3d supports the Oculus. With the help of the oculus debug tool I get some pretty decent fps and image quality. Plus you can have a second window with just a 2D panel for anything extra. With voiceattack it is fantastic.
    So I thought that if I could turn the stereoscopic imaging off, I would save quite a few fps.

    Same goes for the DCS titles.
    They have excellent support for Oculus and the flying and fighting is immersive. Also very good integration of mouse within the VR for cockpit interaction. Add voiceattack (PROPERLY TRAINED ;) and I was OK. So, no stereo imaging would be even better.

    I am sure that this is a fine software — but not for my needs– unless I am missing something, or something gets improved.
    The fact that the games are not supported was OK for me, as I did not want stereoscopic imaging. But it will not even hook properly.
    Anyway, I only lost 37 euro; small loss compared to more important things like for example, smilling ! :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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