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    I am not sure what the reasoning is behind having one general HT sensitivity slider to control both X and Y axis? Because its not once but quite a few times screwed up my game.

    Saints Row IV would work fantastic, if the Y axis would track correctly and not be so slow. The mouse when I move it tracks all the way down. I could manually adjust this if I had some degree of CONTROL over the Y axis independently from the X.

    TRIDEF has X and Y split so we can do them separately, this feature is a MUST have. We are all trying to get games working the best we can, it is silly to deny people the ability to tweak the sensitivity for head tracking. If VORPX would not initialize the rift tracker regardless of whether I disable head tracking or not, then I could use Opentrack.

    Deeply disappointed at the lack of a severely needed feature.


    There is no problem with adding useful functions, but I’m not sure whether I understand the need for this one.

    Is your x-axis mouse sensitivy different than your y-axis mouse sensitivity due to some special mouse driver, or what causes the difference between x- and y-axis for you? Normally both do behave the same in vorpX. Just trying to understand.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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