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    Hi All, Ralph

    Not sure if anyone has already figured this out but figured I would post this just in case. If you are like me then G3D is really the only way to go, and there have been a few games that I’ve really wanted to have this available. Unfortunately some don’t even offer a geometry configuration at all, and until recently have been waiting in hope that they would be available in updates, but no such luck.

    However, I’ve found that the copy profile function allows you to take any profile, even a fully functional one like Skyrim’s, and select an alternative .exe for the copy. I don’t recommend copying the actual game settings, less chance of it working if this is selected. I copied a profile which I know has working G3D and specified other game .exes (Myst: Masterpiece and Tesla Effect) and was able to, after a few tries, get Vorpx to hook using the copied profile and offer G3D on two games that normally do not provide any geometry reconstruction! Myst was a little shaky, crashed once, have to play around with that, but Tesla Effect is perfect! Going to try EGTT Rapture next now that its out.

    Ralph, just wondering if it may be possible to do the same thing with Geometry reconstruction as has been done with positional tracking, i.e. enable at own risk type thing for games that it is not officially tested and confirmed working for. Maybe useful also to build in crash reporting on this, would provide a lot of field tested information that could be used to improve vorpx.


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    32GB GSkill Trident OC 2.8ghz
    EVGA GTX Titan X OC to 1.2 ghz – watercooled
    Asus GTX Titan – dedicated physx


    That’s not possible, sorry.

    Providing Geometry 3D is a rather complex matter, no way to have a simple on/off switch for that. If it would be possible, this switch would already be there. If there is an official profile for a game, G3D viablility has been tested and either found working not at all (most such games) or working so badly that it really doesn’t make sense (a small percentage of such games).

    Slightly unrelated, but since this is a good opportunity to say it again: I completely understand that you want G3D for for the better look, but despite it being just not viable for some games there are very good reasons to choose Z3D over G3D in some cases even if G3D is available and looking great.

    While you may not notice that when briefly checking a game, if you seriously want to play over a longer period of time, a decent frame rate (>50 fps) in the end just is more important than perfect 3D in regard to feeling comfortable unless you are completely immune to any issues that may be introduced by playing with a low frame rate. There is a reason why native games are supposed to run at 90fps. So for demanding games I cannot recommend enough to choose the better frame rate instead of the perfect 3D.


    Understood Ralph, thank you for your reply and clarification. Yes, G3D is definitely a resource beast. Even the native Oculus rendering hiccups when testing in UE4 and Unity under certain conditions, so I know that this is probably not going to run perfectly until after a few generations of both the hardware and software.

    As far as immunity goes, not so much an immunity as it is a long developed tolerance. DK1 and the old software was like having your eyes drilled. Everything has improved 1000% since then, and a super beefy rig can just about handle the load now if things are configured just right.

    Anyway, thanks again, this product rocks, keep up the good work!


    Hey Jzer0, I’ve been trying to get G3d working on Tesla effect. How did you get it working? I’ve tried some various profiles. Only Myst V profile for TelsaEffect has some G3D but it’s 100% messed up.
    Tridef is 100% perfect with Tesla, wonderful 3d, and have been using that through Virtual Desktop, but I’d much prefer Vorpx.



    Sorry for the wait on a reply. The profile I used was from Bioshock, and getting it working is a little tricky. I’ve installed the latest Oculus stuff, so even though the DK2 is unsupported it still loads starts up its own interface in the rift display. The steps I follow are:

    – start Oculus software
    – start vorpx – will cause rift display to go to this loading grid screen, giving some warning about some crap.
    – immediately start Tesla effect while the grid screen is up on the rift, and focus the pointer on the button to accept the warning.

    maybe 1-2 tries out of 5 will get it to hook successfully, and you should have all of the same profile options as Bioshock is allowed. I was going to try to upload it to this cloud functionality thing, but vorpx just updated (yay) but seems I’ve lost the profile (boo). Anyway, best of luck. Thanks for the info on Tridef, tried that back when DK1 was out, didn’t know they were keeping it updated with the oculus software changes. I’ll have to check it out.


    Hey no need to apologise for late reply. It’s al cool ! Thanks heaps for all the info though. Sorry, I actually forgot to mention I’m on Vive, but by the sounds of it the main thing to get it going in G3D is with the Bioshock profile then?

    Thanks, will certainly give that profile a go when I get a chance later and report back. Hoping it works.

    And with Tridef, well, I don’t think they have updated the Oculus/VR side of it, but through Virtual Desktop it works a treat on any game. Though always better of course to have it hooked by Vorpx with the better optimizations.

    I actually tried getting Tridef to hook in as well as Vorpx. Then I eventually realised it was a stupid idea anyway – forgot about Tridef shows it in side-by-side haha. Well they didn’t hook in with eachother anyway.


    Tried it out. Unfortunately just like usual there’s no 3d effect on the game, just on the Vorpx menu. Weird that yours works. I would’ve thought the G3D works the same for both Rift / Vive etc?
    Are you getting proper popout of the objects in the game?

    With Tridef + Virtual Desktop, Tesla has amazing popout, similar to Fallout 4+Vorpx for me.


    With the rift I definitely get geometry reconstruction when compared to testing with the default profile. If I had a vive I could confirm whether this is hardware specific. Also since Tesla is not officially supported for g3d I’m surprised it works at all. Still can’t find a working config for everyone’s gone to the rapture, it doesn’t hook at all with alternative profiles, basic stereo output only. I may pick up a vive, especially if the damn CV1 gets delayed again. Can’t believe people are getting their vives before day 1 cv1 preorders. anyway, all I can recommend it to keep messing around with different profiles, may find something that works. Best of luck.


    Hmm, I might have to get my DK2 out and setup to see if that is in G3D in Tesla. A good way to test I guess haha.

    And well I find most Unity created games like Tesla pretty much are good for 3d. Pretty cool that it does have nice 3d, but will have to test more and see what’s going on. Haven’t tried any more profiles yet. Will get to it though.

    And yeah quite amazing people still waiting for their CV1’s!
    You should get a Vive! Room-scale stuff is totally awesome! If only that was for games like Tesla though. Wow, can you imagine actually walking around Tex’s office?

    The devs said they may look at converting it to Unity 5 so it has full VR support, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. The new (fan created?) game Poisoned Pawn supposedly will have Rift and Vive support. Will be exciting if it does.

    Hope you can find some workings for Rapture ! Best of luck with that!

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