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    Forgotten Hope 2 (G3D)

    This WW2 mod for Battlefield 2 is great and turned out better than I expected in VR. The online isn’t much active anymore, but the 30+ singleplayer/co-op maps with 120+ bots are still a lot of fun. Spawn in and join the bot squads on their attack waves, or zoom around with the freecam to watch the chaos unfold. Thanks to RJK for the base BF2 profile, now we have one tailored for FH2 also on the cloud.


    I can’t seem to post links to the download page, but if you google “playfh2” you should find the free standalone version. There are alternative installers if you already have Battlefield 2 installed.

    Launcher Settings:
    – start game with FH2Launcher.exe
    – set bot number (95 is max for even fight, 121 gives Allies the remainder)
    – set bot skill (80% recommended)
    – use a 16:9 resolution (3840×2160)
    – set all graphics to high if you wish

    Singleplayer Instant Battle = even teams conquest match
    Co-op = choose team ratios for lopsided teams

    Recommended Match Settings:
    – in game, click Multiplayer>Create Local and choose Co-op mode
    Time limit = 0
    Max players = 1
    Spawn time = 1 second
    Ticket ratio = 999
    Bot ratio = 100
    Number of Bots = 48 (max possible for Axis team)
    Bot difficulty = 80
    Rounds per map = 1
    Friendly fire = off
    Auto balance = off

    Choose your list of maps to play, Start Server, and enjoy!

    *hide hitmarkers and HUD in options, all color sliders to 0, all transperancy sliders to 100%, or console command “renderer.drawhud 0”
    *Enter key to pull up spawn menu, C to toggle vehicle camera, F2 etc to switch seats
    *freecam by closing the spawn menu X top right, push spacebar to jump into cam, then movement keys to control, shift to slow down
    *tested on Pimax8k and RiftCV1, best played with fullscreen cinema/immersive

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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