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    I use various script blockers and browser addons so this may already be possible, but it’s not immediately obvious to me, so here’s my request:

    In recent months there have been a few verbose attention-seeking posts by individuals who seem to be baiting people to respond to pointless negativity. They also seem to be new users of the forum. It is only a few individuals, but I’m a little tired of it, and them. Too much of that verbose nonsense on reddit and discord.

    Since I’m sure you would probably not want moderators, and that creates it’s own problems, is there a way to mitigate this? Ideally just a ‘block user’ function. I’m not sure that can be done with wordpress. Maybe put offenders in a queue for their post to be approved?
    Or just be a little more ban happy? :)

    I think I remember you saying you wanted the forum to be a nice civilized corner of the internet or some such phrase. Me too!


    Per default the forum software does not allow users to hide posts of other users, but I’ll check whether there maybe is a plugin that would allow that.

    I have a feeling I know whom you have in mind. I sent the user a warning via mail for the time being, hopefully that will suffice.


    let’s not start blocking users, just ignore them, is it that hard ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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