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    Okay – so this is a fluff post but i just enjoy sharing the ‘good’ experiences I find in Vorpx and I think some, not all, but some of us come here for ideas on fun experiences.

    So Forza has a mode in it called Eliminator – now this post isnt purely about that mode, but, its why im pointing this out as an exceptionally fun experience.

    So Forza is on Xbox Game Pass on PC and therefore can be played in Vorpx Desktop Viewer. I recommend you aim for a high resolution rather than graphics on this one so you can see the edges of the roads/obstacles as clearly as possible.

    But anyhow, the game has a first person mode that doesnt work perfectly by any means – youre just plastering the game to your face with immersive screen mode.. but the game mode Eliminator is just such a thrill in first person immersive screen I had to point it out. You dont have control of the camera, youre just surrounding youreself (partially) in the driver seat of your car, but this Eliminator mode is immensely fun to play this way, I just had to point it out to anyone who had GamePass and Vorpx.

    Basically in Eliminator youre 1 car in 50-70 fighting to survive to the end (like any battle royale) with cars level 1-10; you can level up your car by winning a race you instigate by honking your horn at someone close to you (like within 30 feet); then a random spot is decided and you race. You win, you get to level up your car, you lose, youre out, like any battle royale.

    But the races in first person in this are like speeding thru trees like a Speeder bike in Return of the jedi lol. You just have got to play it to see if its your thing, but get some spotify going or something and just drive along, challenge players, race thru trees and stuff like madmen in first person (kinda vr) lol.

    Just wanted to point it out to anyone into driving games and looking for a fun game mode. Hoping they add a team mode to it cause its alot of fun just in solo

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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