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    Hey everyone,

    Sorry if this has been gone over before but i just wanted to check with folks to find out what the best settings/mods you all have found for Kingdom Come in Vorpx.

    I tried using the DirectVR thing and it seemed to be working quite well – but i was seeing some distortion/fisheye type stuff going on and was wondering if anyone had any particular settings they found that could maybe eliminate that a bit.

    I like having the ability to play with my head acting as a controller + my controller having full capability too… Like i want to be able to look up/down/left/right with head+controller, just full 100% control.

    So just wanted to see what people found to be the best settings and also maybe any mods to get some extra performance out of the game in VR. Its running relatively smooth but i am getting some hiccups and everything is turned low… didnt know if there were some config files to mess with or something that some folks used.

    So yeah, if you had a good gameplay experience with Kingdom Come and are willing to share your info, please feel free :)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this far. Take care ladies and gents!


    If you see some ‘fisheye’ distortion, please check for the things below:

    1. Reset the profile to its default settings in the config app.
    2. Make sure ‘Don’t optimize game settings’ is UNCHECKED in the config app.
    3. Try without any mods, just in case you have a mod installed that messes with the camera FOV.

    Provided vorpX can properly apply its calculated FOV it is 100% perfect for your headset without any margin of error. That is the case with everything at default and without any potentially interfering mods.


    Hey – just wanted to say thanks a ton for your work and being responsive. I bought Vorpx with DK2 and was relatively satisfied with it… but the work you guys have done has gone far and beyond what i thought was imaginable with the project… before i had to fiddle with everything to get games working right but you are 100% right, i had to mess with some settings graphically to get it running smooth, but the DirectVR thing is fantastic, no warping or fisheye going on at all! So cool!

    I did have one more question for you though – i thought i read something about being able to actually use full 6dof movement with leaning forward and stuff.. is that possible or did i just read something wrong? and if it is possible.. how do i activate that in Kingdom Come?

    Thanks again so much – great work!!


    With the default Z3D no positional tracking is available, but you can enable positional tracking in the vorpX menu if you are playing with Geometry 3D. It’s a bit glitchy though, hence disabled per default.


    understood – again, fantastic work.. i bought this program years ago for dk2 and the progress youve made has made me incredibly happy i dived into buying your product, ive had some legitimately fantastic gameplay experienes with your app, so thank you for that.

    This is random, but if you havent done it yet in your own program – try playing evil within 2 in its FPS mode (use screen peak for cutscenes) and play it… you made Evil within 2 into the best survival horror game ever with Vorpx, so hats off to you.

    Thanks again, your work has opened a whole new world of gaming for me

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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