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    i need help, advice, anything. i tried vorpx on a few games and they play great. halo 4 is my favorite. today i purchased halo infinite and the following is what happened…

    i played the game normal without vorpx for the first 20 min to make sure all is good. then i began playing with vorpx and set it for immersive mode with head tracking off. i fine tuned the screen and set the in game fov to max and graphics to low. smoooooth as butter and absolutely beast! i love it so much however, from time to time the frames just drop to 4ish frames per second and the graphics start to look terrible . i mean its literally a side show. i think it has something to do when passing checkpoints where the game has to load?

    can someone point me in the right direction?


    I should mention my hardware.

    I7 9700k
    2070 super
    16 ram
    All ssd
    Rift s


    Not sure TBH what that might be. Maybe a GPU memory problem, although that’s just a (unlikely) guess. You can check that by lowering graphics details.


    I agree with Ralf that this is likely a VRAM issue; The only thing that routinely brings my 3080Ti to its knees is when it hits this limit. It will drop from 90fps to 20, or 18, or whatever but then it never recovers the way it should. Performance just continues to drop until eventually the game or the HMD crashes. It’s a really frustrating problem that only occurs when I’m pushing flat games to VR (not just through vorpX, same thing happens to me with other solutions). I expect it’s some interaction between the GPU drivers, steam VR, etc. This never happens to me with VR Native titles or when pushing games to my monitor (even in 3D). Those solutions work normally and all I get is a brief blip in performance while stuff swaps between VRAM and system RAM.


    Thanks ralf and spongeworthy. I’m going to play around with settings again. This game is amazing in immersive mode with screen curved. You can “look around” while the gun remains in place like natural. It makes more sense this way than full vr mode.

    Are you guys able to play halo infinite campaign without experiencing any of these issues?


    No matter what I do the same thing happens. Doesnt happen on any other title but halo infinite. What a shame. Could have been a blast.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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