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    I’m running a Pimax 5k + and I have brainwarp turned off, and I have both Async and Fluid Sync turned off. As I delve into VR I’m finding that I really, really dislike all forms of injecting fake frames (that shouldn’t surprise me, I’m definitely hyper – sensitive to that type of thing, I can’t stand the Soap Opera Effect, for example, which on some modern TVs actually makes me feel slightly queasy).

    I will say that the vorpX Fluid Sync (locking to 45 and then doubling to 90) is the best I’ve yet seen by far, but I still prefer the game running at “x” fps and my hmd running that same rate. (Also, your Z-Buffer 3D is really, shockingly good. I’ve used a LOT of 3D processes in the past, and I have to say I’m deeply impressed with the quality of vorpX).

    But I digress: So I have all those functions turned all the way off, but both FO3 and FO4 will still frequently lock to 45fps. For testing purposes I’ve already tried completely disabling vsync and leaving the games totally uncapped (but I don’t run that way due to game-engine issues), or capping the FPS with Riva Statistics Tuner (this is what I generally use for games) or in the case of FO3 locking it with a FOSE utility called Fallout Stutter Remover. In all cases I’ll see the games lock to 45, and then eventually unlock again.

    Any thoughts on how I might remedy this?


    Headset runtimes may decide to throttle to 45fps at their own discretion if they feel that makes sense. Oculus does that, Pimax probably too.


    Well, rats. OK, thanks. Are you pretty confident that’s the problem? If I toggle ASYNC / Fluid Sync on and back off again that does unlock the FPS (temporarily).


    This may be related to my posting 2 posts down. Fixed my issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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