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    Does a free trial version of this software exist?
    I would like to test VorpX with Matlab and I haven’t found any free trial version.




    Free trail would be a really good idea. I am on the fence about purchasing vorpx and a free trial would go a long way to help me make my mind up.


    Here is what you need to know about VorpX:

    Think of VorpX as a toolbox filled with goodies to get games working in VR, and like a product from Ikea each game will require a bit of assembly. After you assemble it the game will be workable and pretty good, but just like you wouldn’t expect a desk from Ikea to be a luxury product you shouldn’t expect the finished result to be quite as smooth and polished as a made for VR title. The biggest operational difference to me is the lack of being able to use motion controllers to point and fire, currently you still have to rely on the joy sticks to aim and move.

    Overall if you love to tinker and really want to experience some games in VR (most but not all are compatible) then it will be worth the purchase!

    If you tend to flow from game to game and aren’t a completionist or strongly attached to particular games you probably will find you don’t want to spend the time setting up games and VorpX will go largely unused.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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