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    Im a good 3 hours of research in and can’t seem to find a answer so i’ll try my luck here.

    Im planning on playing Riders Repuplic with vr. There is nothing wrong with the controlls or performance but the camera takes a lot of fun out of it.
    The first-person camera forces you to look dead in front while driving. So my question is if there is any way to lift the limitations of the camera movement so that i am able to freely look around.

    many thanks in advance and i hope my english was bearable.


    No, vorpx only has generic support for head motion to mouse input, especially for user profiles. If game doesnt let you turn the camera vorpx wont…unless its a custom profile developer made himself with some hax to do it.

    All I can suggest is finding a way to increase field of view to make driving feel better, but looks like there is no way to hax your own values for it, they are using custom engine.


    Not entirely true, even for pro-users like you there may be one or the other thing you haven’t discoverd yet. :) For user profiles there are two additional options that may work under certain circumstances:

    1. TrackIR head tracking for any game that supports TrackIR input. vorpX displays according hints if TrackIR is detected.
    2. Gamepad emulation via head tracking: although quite laggy, and thus not ideal, this should work for most games that let you look around with a gamepad stick. Most sim games for example fall under that category. The method is worth a shot if no mouselook is available. Set ‘X-Box Gamepad Override’ to off and then enable ‘Head Tracking As Gamepad’. Best used in immersive screen/cinema mode, which makes the lag less annoying, but also works in FullVR mode.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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