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    New Vorpx user here.

    I’ve only tried Cyberpunk 2077 and The Stanley Parable but it seems I have issues with both of these games no matter what quality they are set to, even at the lowest possible graphical settings.

    I have an Oculus Rift. (non S version)

    2060 SUPER
    24GB RAM

    The games launch fine but it seems to frequently alternate from running smooth to completely freezing for about 10 seconds then back to running smooth and repeats. Also it seems to affect the Oculus Home after I close the game where it lags and the devices come up as poor tracking quality only after launching Vorpx and not before.

    My native VR games work perfectly fine.


    vorpX 21.1.0 had a bug that could cause similar behavior, but that should be fixed now with the 21.1.1 release from yesterday.

    If you still experience this with 21.1.1, try to set the Headset Sync option in the vorpX menu to ‘Safe’, which will cost some FPS, but gives the GPU a bit more leeway. Also FluidSync to ‘On’ is worth a shot, that should be the case for Cyberpunk anyway though.

    If none of the above helps, there might be something getting in the way. If you happen to have any GPU/CPU tools installed, try to disable/uninstall them. Such tools tend to also hook into games similar to vorpX, which may cause conflicts. The same is true for some chat apps (Discord, Skype etc.) and generally everything that can show notifications in games.


    i’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps you mentioned to no avail, but changing the setting to SteamVR seemed to solve the issues for some reason even though I have an Oculus device. Not sure why, I rather avoid using SteamVR.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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