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    Hi Guys,

    I purchased vorpx for fsx :)
    I am little nooby on this so bear with me

    1. I can’t use the ingame mouse with fsx.. ofcourse this is very important ! (using mcdu)

    2. When i right click for the games menu it’s totally distorted pressing the middle mouse button does nothing

    Hopefully both problems can be solved otherwise the program would be unusable using fsx :)

    thanks !



    I managed to get the rift working with Z-Normal, Geometry gives me strange artifacts when acccesing menu’s etc… (cant see them on screen or as a white line)

    2. Solved this al little by disabling mouse look when you want to adjust something in the sim… will this ever be possible using look and clicking on the same time? or this something that fsx does programmed?


    How did you get Flight Sim X to work? I’ve been unsuccessful with box version and steam version thus far.


    I don’t know it works… make sure you have all simconnects kits installed under the sdk folder of the steam version and have the 0.44 oculus driver

    but still the hardware cursor of vorpx makes the sim unuseable because you cant click anything in your cockpit


    I cannnot connect to fsx steam edition with latest version.. there is nothing in oculus.
    I get normal view in monitor tho.

    I did my first install with 0.8.0

    Any help ?


    FSX broke with the 0.8.0 vorpX update. Not sure why yet, this is being looked into right now. If all goes well, a hotfix will be available within two or three days.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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