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    I am trying to play Wreckfest in full vr mode. I can not get the headtracking to work. I tried to enable/disable head roll and head tracking with no luck.

    Immersive screen mode is fine, I move my head and i can look around the screen, but as soon as i switch to full vr mode the screen sticks to my face.

    Is there a special way to get a racing game like this to work with full vr mode with a good fov and headtracking?

    I am using a Odyssey+


    In full VR mode, unless you’re using the Edge Peek feature the screen is supposed to stick to your face, so that you can see the world as if you were looking at it directly. I don’t know the game in question, but if what you want is to be able to look around the world itself (while in full VR), you first need the game to have a free look camera you can control with the mouse or similar. VorpX emulates mouse movement with headtracking so you can look around that way, and the feature’s sensitivity is set by the headtracking speed slider.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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