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    Been absent for a while.

    Just tried Wolfenstein 2. It’s Vulcan so no support.

    I’m running in desktop view, but every time I go into full screen mode, the game minimises baack to the desktop.

    Any way to stop this?

    (running G2)


    Can’t really say anything specific to this game. Never tried it. Games have to support something like a ‘borderless fullscreen’ mode (might be worded slightly differently) though to work with the desktop viewer. True (exclusive) fullscreen does not work with the desktop viewer.


    I am currently playing it, here is my experience:

    “Borderless window” is also throwing me back onto desktop, only “windowed” mode works.

    Works in FullScreen, but so typically for this (usually good app but often shitty coz those morons fuck it up after most updates) friggin program…it doesn´t come without flaws:

    When the game loads up, it can happen it starts stuttering like crazy, this can be avoided when you make sure not to move your head (not even one tine bit! i am even holding my breath while it loads, may sound both stupid and funny but that´s how it works here), so once the loading process is over and you´ve made it not too move too much (or not at all! lol), you can enjoy the game in full screen without any stuttering or other problems.

    Not sure if it still works after the next bigscreen-update, coz they broke lots of games with their updates, back the days when i was using bigscreen-beta only, before i got vorpX of course.


    Forget everything i wrote about “moving your head while the game is loading, causes stuttering” coz it must be something else, now also really getting a pain in the ass big time.

    Been playing it on full screen (bigscreen beta) at daytime without any stuttering.

    Now i played it a few minutes ago and the game stutters like crazy along with that additional stuttering whenever i move my head, weird thing is that is only happening within the game, if i exit to the main menu, there is neither that stuttering of the mouse-pointer-arrow nor any head-movement related stuttering.

    It probably has to do with the light in the room where i am playing, which is probably too dark for that crappy bigscreen-app and causes that stuttering, but i am not in a mood for adding additinal light-sources at this moment so……FUCK IT

    I remember there weren´t too many problems with using bigscreen beta but it looks like devs are really up to finally destroy it for once and for all as more and more games were causing troubles on it over the last months, no wonder that crap is free


    Was playing Wolfenstein II today again with a better lightsource and there wasn´t any problem, so it seems the bigscreen-beta problems are lights-source related, while there never have been any with vorpX while using the same lightsource as the one causing stuttering with bigscreen-beta.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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