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    I’m not sure if there’s a dedicate suggestions Forum/Post? I can’t seem to see it so I’ll put it here and hope it’s not too ‘in the way’.

    Now obviously many games can be played with touch controllers (or equivalent) or a gamepad and you just can intuit these very quickly. However, for slightly more complicated games (and ones where you’re used to using mouse+keyboard like FPS) it can be a bit of a pain remembering exactly where certain keys are if you don’t touch-type (and even if you do since you do not play an FPS with indexes on f and j!).

    I was wondering what the interest/possibility would be in in some sort of keyboard overlay you can pin in view?

    I don’t know exactly how the tracking works (if it uses 6df or just 3 if not in full VR mode) but having a simple graphical overlay you could manually map to the location of your keyboard (since most have a set layout) would be a godsend early on in a new game. Not necessarily visible all the time, but a similar combination to show it translucent like the hotkeys.

    Apologies if this sounds too niche (or a little insane), but the idea came to me and I’d rather share it and be laughed at than not said anything at all :)


    Something like that already exists. There is a gaze based hotkey menu with 16 freely configurable ‘buttons’. You can assign any keyboard shortcut to these ‘buttons’ in the vorpX menu.

    To use the menu you simply press (and hold!) shift+mousewheel, look at the ‘button’ you want and release the mousewheel. Seriously couldn’t be more comfortable to execute a keyboard shortcut in VR. Probably the most underused vorpX feature of all times, pretty useful for keyboard heavy games.

    The trick for using that from a VR controller would be to sacrifice one controller button by mapping it to shift + mouswheel click.


    I understand this exists, it’s this function that instituted what I’d like added. I’m wanting an actual keyboard graphic overlay that we can pin to our physical keyboard (like a couple of productivity apps do). For most games, having the hornets is enough. But occasionally, especially for rarely used keys in key heavy games (especially ones that might ask you to type something). You simply just want to know where the keyboard is exactly. You can learn where keys are from a touch for starting position, but you then need to relearn it from wasd position, or others.
    A quick glance of the physical keyboard solves this easily.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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