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    i´ve have some nasty Problems after my Os Reinstall with Vorp-X.

    First of all, i didn´t have any of these Problems bevore i had to reinstall my OS. I´m using Win8.1 64bit which is full updated to the latest Date. Graphic and Hardware Drivers are also on the newest Version.

    I´m having 2 Users on my System, one as a Admin and my Gaming Persona ;)
    My Admin is Password protected , my Gaming-self not.

    I installed Vorp-x with my Admin, which worked with no Problems, Vorp-x Started and play all Steam/Origin Games. So fine so good.

    When i switch to my Gaming-self, or reboot to my Gaming-self which is my Standard ID, Vorp-x doesn´t show up. Ok,so i get the Programm from my installed Dir, make a Link and try to start it from Desktop. This makes a error (critical error…bla,bla cannot do its magic). When i start now my link with Admin Rights. Vorp-x starts….buuuuuuut doesn´t work with any Game. Hmm, so i quit Steam, started it with Admin Rights and… it worked.

    so i guess, that a lot of the cannot-start-Game-X-with-Vorp-x encountered the Same Problem as me now. Vorp-x doesn´t work with multiple Accounts on one PC. Because when i install a Programm on a fresh PC, the System asks me for the Admin password, and after the install Vorp-x is unusable. Maybe there are some Registry settings missing or the installer only install for Admins only.

    This is something that should really fixed, i installed my Gamer User because my Adminuser on my last System got corrupted and make my system unuseable.


    Using a single install of vorpX from multiple accounts is not supported by design. You have to install vorpX with the same user credentials that you intend to use it with.

    Apart from that users with very restricted rights might also cause general issues with vorpX being able to hook into various games.


    yeah, but it is atm not possible to install vorp-x NOT as Admin…


    You need to give your gaming user adminstrative rights before you install vorpX, afterwards you can change it back to a standard user, of course. To do this follow these steps.

    1. Login with your admin user
    2. Change the user type of your game user to admin
    3. Switch to your gaming user
    4. Install vorpX
    5. Switch to your admin user
    6. Change the user type of your game user back to standard

    I will look into a way to install vorpX without giving the installing user admin rights, but that might proof impossible.


    yep, that worked.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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