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    is a i5-7600, rtx2080 and 16GB Ram good enough to play games like Resident Evil 2 or Metro Exodus in G3D and 3k Resolution ? What is more important for G3D, CPU or GPU ?


    Depends on the game, your settings etc. At 3K resolutions you probably will be GPU limited in most cases, but that is really just a guess. There just is no clear and easy answer to this question. 3K is a bit of overkill in a VR headset BTW. Certainly will look great due to the supersampling, but in most cases it will make sense to use a lower res with better performance.

    It’s also worth to note that vorpX uses a multithreaded rendering approach, which costs about 10-15% overall performance on top of the G3D performance impact, but on the other hand makes low framerate situations (<40) more tolarable. Such situations typically aren't handled well by the headset runtimes.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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