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    A lot of games have some minor issues with the G3D shadows. (ie. the same shadow being shown in both eyes, that just looks wrong) I’m not asking for a fix, because I assume if it was possible it would have been done long ago. I’m just curious, is this some sort of technical limitation of VorpX? Is it even fixable? More out of curiosity than anything.
    Anyone knowledgable care to enlighten me on the problem? I’m assuming its just a really tough problem that hasn’t been solved yet.


    I assume supported games are carefully adjusted. But Many profiles from the cloud will probably show what you are describing. A recent VorpX update introduced some shader editing options where you can make certain changes yourself, for example you set these shadows to “Shadow” or disable them if they are in the way completely. For this enable expert settings and press STRG+END.
    Even this is availiable to users now, it doesnt seem to be used very much yet. May be because you need to sit for hours or days sometimes to adjust a game properly.

    Some games show on the image settings page an option to treat that as well, you can try that also.

    Have you observed this on supported games or rather on cloud games ?


    Not OP but I tried out tomb raider 2013 and it definitely had this issue with shadows and it was with the default profile.


    Please make sure not to crank up the 3D-Strength too much. In official profiles base G3D parameters are usually chosen so that the default 1.0 you see in the menu provides more or less realistic stereo 3D and scale like you would expect in VR. If at all only touch the 3D-Strength option for minor adjustments. Like many other settings in vorpX this is not a more-is-better setting, its purpose is to fine tune the scale/3D for realistic proportions if necessary.

    Shadows are often rendered separate from the rest of the scene and thus may not appear entirely correct especially close to the camera. The more unrealistic (higher) you dial in the 3d-strength the more obvious such glitches get. In many games you can also disable shadows on the image page of the vorpX menu.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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