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    using conan exile (no battleEye) profile, DQ 11 works in G3D.

    using conarium profile, DQ11 works in Z3D.

    for performance reason i use the latter and i must say this is amazing.
    i use cinematic mode with head tracking @2.00 strenght, 0.7 screen distance along with black surrounding (no decor at all surrouding game screen).

    and while using Z3D you can also tweak ini file to make the game looks better (bigger draw distance, better shadows etc) look that up on steam.

    now if only someone smart could find a way to tweak FoV that would be awesome.

    just give it a try if you have the game and vorpx, it’s really worth it.


    I couldn’t get them to work together. If vorpx is running it just crashes to desktop right after saying its attaching to the game. Any suggestions?


    are you running vorpx in administrator mode ? cause i do not.
    are you using conarium profile ? that’s the one i use, not the G3D one.
    what is your headset ?


    Conan exile (no battleEye) profile just crashes for me in or out of administrator mode. Any suggestions, prefer G3D

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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