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    Hi everyone. can someone explain to me how i can start the games from microsoft game pass? does not hook them! thank you


    Ralf wrote:

    Microsoft Store games are protected against hooking into them. Unless the game is released as a regular Windows game at some point (e.g. via Steam), don’t count on vorpX support.


    Luckily not every game on GamePass is a Windows Store (Universal Windows Platform or UWP) game though. Whether a GamePass game is hookable largely depends on whether it is a classic Win32 program or was programmed as UWP app. Most of Microsoft’s own games for example are UWP apps and thus protected against hooking into them while most third party games aren’t.

    On a sidenote: things *might* improve for future UWP games. I don’t follow the whole topic overly closely, but my impression is that MS recently is changing course a bit as far as UWP is concerend. Many developers (and game developers in particular) never were comfortable with the restrictions it brings. So at least there’s some hope that future UWP games might not be sandboxed as restrictively as they are now.


    Hi Ralf, would you be able to add something on vorpx side that can in some way automatically handle those “game pass” games that are not protected?
    I do not quiet understand if I am doing something wrong so that vorpx is not hooking into these “game pass” games, or if the game I am lunching in “gamepass” is truly protected

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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