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    I just purchased this for oculus rift, and I tried to follow a tutorial on youtube to get vorpx up and running for skyrim Special edition. However, it I come to a stumbling block when I need to access “Game settings optimizer”, when in fact, the option is not there. I have already uninstalled it once, and reinstalled it, but it still won’t appear. I am assuming I haven’t done something to begin with, in order for it to appear, but I don’t know to be honest, since it’s my first time using vorpx.

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    The optimizer is – massively enhanced – now part of the core app and does its work in the background when you start a game with an optimizer profile.

    Excerpt from the release blog post:

    New Direct VR Settings Optimizer

    The new Direct VR Settings Optimizer superseeds the old config app optimizer, providing more automation and new features like perfect FOV and optimized game resolutions. All 90+ optimizer profiles have been redone to take advantage of this new system and new optimizer profiles have been added.


    Thank you for your post. I re-read the changelog, and I did see the changes that were made, and it did mention the game settings optimizer going out in place of the new direct vr. Thank you for the clarification.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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