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    Hello, I haven’t purchased this program yet but I probably will in the near future when my CV1 arrives in a few weeks. I’ve been reading though the forums here on other people’s threads and seeing their comments from the community and devs. For the games it does support already there are many that I do want to play, even older games that I never played but think it will be a lot of fun to go and play them with the Oculus. So these games by themselves are well on their way to getting me to purchase this and worth the cost, plus future games to be added over time are a plus as well.

    I do have a question about a comment that I came across in another thread here. It mentioned that there are “some” games which support DX9+ that might be able to run with this software with a simple renaming of the exe file to one of the supported games already in the system. Obviously there is no way for the devs to know which games this trick will and won’t work with. Just as a little test (which I was pretty sure would fail) I decided to try this on FFXIV. Since that game does a file check every time you connect to their service. And indeed it does not work for that game. Back in the DX1 version it looks like TriDef3D used to be able to trick that game in to working with the Oculus but they have since unfortunately discontinued support for the Oculus in their software.

    In the same thread it was commented on that at some point in the future that an option for an unsupported games list might be added in to VorpX, but was not high on the list of priorities at that time. A way of tricking a game to work with it, while unsupported, might still run at least ok. Until support for said game, might, someday be added in to the VorpX software. While continuing to add officially supported games to this software I’ll agree is something that should not be back shelved, I do think this particular feature isn’t something that should be either discounted or just remain as something on the ‘eventually’ list. As long adding such a game to the list should bring up a warning stating that this game is unsupported and the outcome may not work as desired or even at all. There could even be an addition that says (with permission of the person installing VorpX) that every game added to this list could be reported back to you which would give you little bit of a clearer picture of what people want to use your software for. Although it’s possible that the list of games a lot of people want this to work with is, well all of them heheh.

    I’m the type of person that will put in a fair amount of work to get something to work the way I want it to if it is possible to do at all. This past week alone I have been working on getting the Windows Speech Recognition program to work in games like FFXIV and WoW where using the keyboard while wearing an Oculus could be a bit of a hindrance. Getting voice commands to do some simple things like opening your inventory to opening up a party finder UI without having to touch the keyboard of find the options with your mouse have worked out quite well but took quite a bit of effort. Especially getting Voice to Text to work in the Party Chat for those types of games.

    When my CV1 arrives and I use this to play the games you do support I do hope that they are every bit as enjoyable as I hope they will be. And look forward to future games being added as you continue working on it. But being able to at least attempt to use VorpX on a game that isn’t in your list of games is a feature that I will look forward to with great anticipation.


    vorpX tries to hook into any DX9-11 (and OpenGL) game you start, so you can get basic VR functionality without Stereo 3D but full head tracking etc. for much, much more games than those on the supported games list without having to do anything.

    Apart from that the profile system has received a major overhaul for the next version. It’s fully database driven now and a lot more flexible than before.

    Instead of having to rename .exes you soon can simply make copies of existing profiles in the vorpX config app and assign any game to those copies to check whether that provides at least some 3D support. This often works for games that are based on the same graphics engine. Quite nice in itself, but nothing too special thus far.

    The really cool thing about this database driven system is the built in cloud sharing, which allows you to share your settings and profiles and access other peoples shared settings and profiles. This cloud sharing is also seamlessly integrated into the vorpX config app and literally usable by clicking a single button.

    The cloud based approach also allows us to provide new profiles a lot faster than before and to update existing ones at any time without having to release a new vorpX version.

    How useful this will really become in the end obviously largely depends on how many people are willing to share their settings/profiles, but it’s so easy to use and seamlessly integrated into the configuration app that I’m quite confident it will actually be used.


    I can say, this is good to hear :) Just makes waiting these next 2 weeks even more exciting.

    20 years ago when I was in grade school there was a store in the mall which had a VR center in it that was like $30 for 15 minutes. My friends and I would go there after saving allowances for a while to play in the (by today’s standards) atrociously low poly-count FPS games but man was it so fun… I have been waiting 20 years for this :D


    Hello, I haven’t purchased this program yet but I probably will in the near future when my CV1 arrives in a few weeks.

    I signed up for this specifically because VorpX appear to be a must purchase with the Oculus Rift. I am planning to buy the CV1 but won’t have a delivery until July or perhaps by end of summer 2016. Can we assume that Vorpx will evolve and support the consumer version of the Oculus Rift? The Rift + VorpX looks like the deciding factor for me in terms of which way to go as far as experimenting with VR technology.

    I am an avid Nvidia 3D Vision user using a 120 Inch projector setup for some real immersive gaming experiences. I have been active in the Nvidia 3D Vision forums and the work that the community has done on game fixes and tweaks for 3D Stereoscopic is mind blowing. Dead Space series in 3D Vision on a 120 Inch screen is just amazing and has to be experienced to appreciate. I’ve seen a user inject the 3D Vision fix with Far Cry Primal along with VorpX to obtain good results.

    Far Cry Primal + VorpX + 3D Vision Fix

    Question for anyone here, can these fixes be useful with VorpX? The 3D Vision fixes has ini files that can be set to inject or chain DLL’s. You have to visit the two links that I included in the body of this post. The scope of all that has been done in the last several years is a must look for those that are interested in real immersive gaming for the PC.

    Helixmod – 3D Vision Game Fixes & Tweaks

    Nvidia 3D Forums – Active

    VR appears to be steps forward in immersive gaming and based on some Youtube videos of users using VorpX with the Rift, this seems like the right fit for me. Room scaling for the Vive seems half baked to me and while it has glowing reviews, I cannot justify the extra cost for this especially for the first time I am spending any money on VR technology. I suspect I should get several hours of enjoyment with VorpX and the Rift even though it’s not fully refined. Anyone who has this kind of setup, please give me your thoughts and comments for the amount of enjoyment, if any that you’ve had. I realize this cost will be more experimental into VR gaming until the industry matures.

    Cheers all!


    The new features sound cool can’t wait to check them out. Will the new update require .NET 4.0? I know it’s a weird question but I have an issue going with .NET when it tries to update from a a corrupted 3.7. Anyway just curious if it will require it? I just don’t want to do a windows re-install right now.

    Anyone who has this kind of setup, please give me your thoughts and comments for the amount of enjoyment, if any that you’ve had.

    After you get it set up and you know the certain settings to tweak to get it just right for you, you’ll have a great time. I’m sticking with DK2 until it’s unsupported but the CV1 I’m sure will meet your expectations and then some. Voprx is a really great tool for getting the “just right” set up for a lot of games. Prety much buy vorpx and have it ready fro when you get the CV1… resistance is futile..


    The config app still uses .NET 3.5. This will change when Win10 usage surpasses Win7 usage among gamers. According to the latest Steam survey both are on par currently.

    vorpX will use the version that does not require a potential .NET runtime install for the majority of users. Until now that is still 3.5, which is included in Win7, but that will probably change soon.

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