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    Hi all,

    I have been trying to get my XBOX360 wired USB gamepad to work with Skyrim. I have no problems with the visuals; everything looks great. I ready through the information here in the forums and determined that I must allow VorpX to handle my gamepad mapping and so I pressed DELETE while in game and switched to the gamepad mapping page and mapped everything according to the default configuration of Skyrim.

    Unfortunately even after doing this and saving the settings the B button refuses to stay set as I have remapped and saved several times, until after great frustration I surrender and quit VorpX.

    It seems that B button is by default mapped to TAB and this does many odd things under VorpX, such as, it bring up a steam chat client sometimes and other times it works as expected. The LT and RT buttons will not stay mapped as attack left / right like left click / right click. If I press DELETE again to check that my mapping is setup correctly everything is as I left it but it’s a lie, nothing works correctly.

    Then, to top it off, when I become exasperated by this BS and exit the game to regain my composure, my mouse auto-selects everything in the browser window (text) or all files in the explorer window as if I am holding down shift with the first element preselected and unable to deselect making it impossible to select only one item (unless I really only want the first item). I exit VorpX and nothing changes until I restart my operating system.

    I do hope that this can be corrected as the Oculus is useless if I have to keep peeking to find buttons on my keyboard to use it, and besides that I have a gamepad so that I don’t have to memorize keyboard layouts for gaming. This is a dealbreaker and I cannot conscientiously recommend this product to anyone if I hate using it due to this basic flaw.
    if it is helpful, here are my system specs:

    AMD FX-8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.51 GHz
    16 GB RAM
    Windows 8.1 64-bit
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan Black
    Oculus Rift DK2
    XBOX360 USB (wired)
    VorpX beta


    Yeah I had an issue with my mouse going crazy too lol the best thing to do for Skyrim is map all buttons to kb+m, then change vorpx to not handle pads. It should just think your using kb+m at that point and you should be good to go.


    Also if your new to messing with mapping your pad just be ready for another round of frustration lol there are lots of things you will figure out and change. After you get set up your done and you can enjoy thousands of hours in vr hunting mud crabs :) just stay calm and you’ll get it.


    @Karlor Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try. It is kinda funny when I think about how frustrated I get when it happens. =D I mean really so I got clobbered because I clicked the trigger to slash the villain but instead sheathed my sword like a dummy. Now I want my revenge lol.


    I was mad the first time I had to do it to lol but its not a big deal after you get it down. xpadder is good but I like joy 2 key better, is just easier to get things like double buttons working for me. 2 tips are to do all your set up outside the rift and also it may be easier to set up a profile with kb+m how ever you like with what ever keys you like inside joy 2 key. Then change the in game set up with your new custom mapped pad. Sometimes this is easier then going back and forth trying to match the mapping.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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