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    It seems like gamepad controls like the xbox controller get messed with within games running Vorpx. I went into RDR2 today after the hooking fix and it was like a button is continually pressed when nothing is being touched.

    The radar kept cycling through the various options, I think you have to press down on the D-pad and A or X to make that happen. As another example, going into the menus, the selected menu option would continually switch to another selection even though I didn’t touch the controller.

    I’ve had issues in other games as well. Not sure how to fix this or why Vorpx needs to fiddle with controls.


    This is a com mon vorpx problem. Xbox controller I always get annnoyed by how vorpx is messing with my controller. U got to live with it!!!!!!!


    Some games do not allow mouse and gamepad to be used at the same time. Since vorpX often has to emulate a mouse for head tracking, it has a built-in gamepad to mouse/kB emulation that can deal with such games. The alternatives in such cases would either be no gamepad or no (mouse emulation) head tracking.

    Contrary to nieda‘s reply that is not a problem, it‘s actually the solution to deal with games that otherwise would not allow to have head tracking via emulated mouse input and gamepad input at the same time.

    You can freely configure the gamepad mapping on the input page of the vorpX menu. You can also disable it entirely there (X-Box Gamepad Override). Just be aware that whenever this option is enabled per default, that is usually the case because otherwise the aforementioned conflict would occur when a game does not allow mouse and gamepad input at the same time. So disabling it only really make sense if you don’t care about head tracking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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