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    I have to play games with my gamepad to prevent nausea.

    There is no problem to use gamepad with Direct VR before when I’d used 17.2.0 version

    Could anyone tell me what is wrong?


    I found about why it doesn’t work. if i set to use override xbox controller it is not supported for direct VR. Do you have any plan to fix it?


    The override is not necessary with Direct VR enabled. If you enable the gamepad in your game’s options menu, the gamepad should work natively after Direct VR is activated.


    Hi, Ralf! Could you please return back the possibility for gamepad key mapping even if a game supports the gamepad natively? This feature in vorpx was awesome! One can do so much more with it than just using the in-game control options. You could make this feature available only through the advanced vorpx options, if you prefer to emphasize native support. Actually, there is also a minor problem with the new approach. When I use xbox controller for Fallout 3, and lock the Y movement on the right stick, there is a judder whenever I accidentally move the stick along the Y axis.


    @Lathander not sure if you are still playing. However if you get through that water bit and into “Atlantic Express” in non-vr mode (takes about 3 minutes), then the scan will work again. I got crashes throughout the water bit even after the glass cracked. In Atlantic Express game seems to be stable with VorpX again :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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