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    So, I’d like to play Legends of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. When I try to let VorpX naturally hook into it, the game simply crashes. When I run VorpX as Admin, the game doesn’t crash, but VorpX reports error (301?) and won’t display the game HMD. So, I thought maybe I could run the game in the Desktop Viewer, but the game just keeps crashing.
    I thought maybe I could try making a profile for it, but the engine is specific to the Trails in the Sky series.
    I don’t care about any kind of 3d (though Z-Normal would be awesome! lol), but does anyone have an idea for just getting it to run in the HMD with VorpX? Thanks =D


    If you disable the watcher via the vorpX tray icon right click menu after launching the desktop viewer, vorpX won’t hook into any program anymore and you can play them using the desktop viewer. Strictly 2D only though, for any form of 3D vorpX has to hook into games directly.

    Alternatively you can add the game’s main .exe to the exclude list in the config app. Saves the need for disabling the watcher.

    Caveat 1: most games have to be run windowed or ‘fullscreen windowed’ to play them with the desktop viewer. Actual real fullscreen mode doesn’t get captured.

    Caveat 2: don’t disable the watcher before launching the desktop viewer. Due to a little design flaw it requires the watcher to be active at launch. Never got the chance to change that until now.


    Great, thanks. That worked perfectly. VorpX is so awesome. I noticed when I had the “room” mode on (with the lights and furniture, etc.), and I went between rooms in the game (where it would go black) that the ambient lights in the room dim. That’s so cool.
    Anyway, thanks again. That’s just what I wanted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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