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    So I’m just wondering if this is just me or if anyone else notices this. Is it normal for games to appear generally washed out or too bright?

    I don’t think it really bothered me at first cause I was just thrilled to have any games working in VR at all, but maybe now I’m just getting picky, hah.

    Games like skyrim, alien isolation, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. seem to have a lower contrast or something, especially Skyrim seems pretty washed out. Call of Pripyat seems to have this problem the least, but even adjusting gamma sliders doesn’t seem to make any difference as if it’s just disabled.
    I was thinking that maybe the darkness levels in games just ‘appears’ brighter since theres no ambient light hitting the “screen” (as you are locked into a headset) or maybe because you’re so much closer to all the detail or something so everything is just more visible.

    Anybody know any tricks to maybe get the darks to look more dark?


    If you are usiung a DK2 like me, the powerplug of the DK2 can be unplugged. The DK2 will still work on usb power, but the screen will be darker.

    ps. I know in some way this is pretty lame :P , but this can be applied to all your games :D


    I forgot:
    A completely turned off led has a long turn on time making “black smear” when moving your head. The “fix black smear” option in vorpx menu works by preventing leds going off completely, making the darkest black a little gray. Turning this option off makes the darkest black completely black.


    If you own a Pascal graphic card and Vive or Cv1 i warmly reccomend the resolution 1920 x 1440 over the one suggested by Vorpx utility. Supersampled resolution will give a very sharp image and prevent the washed out effect. If you don’t own a last generation graphic card then it’s hard to achieve such performance with 90fps, if not impossible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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