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    I have the problem that vorpX is not working correctly for me.

    VorpX seem to connect to the game, because the game is starting with vorpX logo.
    I try different games like battlefield 3 and BF4.
    The game is starting with the vorpX logo, but during startup of the game, the games keep at the intro.
    The game is then not starting !

    I have three monitors. For the test disconnect two, and try with only one monitor with the same results.

    I have also NVIDIA 3D Vision, and deactivated this in the NVIDIA control panel with same results.

    VorpX Desktop viewer was working, but with activated 3 monitors will displayed not the primary monitor (like the description). It was displayed left monitor, in windows its monitor 3.

    Oculus and SteamVR are working with the Standard-VR-Games.

    I have tested in two systems (Windows8.1 and Windows 10), who are installed in two different harddisk at parallel installations.
    With both systems the same results.

    What can i do, that vorpX is working for me ?

    My System is :
    Intel i7 4790k
    Ram 16 GB – 2400
    NVIDIA GTX 1070 (usually with 3 monitors)
    Oculus Rift (with Touch controller)


    Multi-monitor configurations are not supported by the desktop viewer currently, sorry.

    Re BF3/BF4: First please make sure that the games show on the primary monitor. If that doesn’t help, try to disconnect the other two and see whether that helps.

    Frostbite engine games (like BF3/BF4) may also loose input focus durinh startup sometimes and thus may appear hanging. If that happens, ALT+TAB or clicking the game’s icon in the taskbar brings back input focus to the game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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