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    Picked up my first summer sale game, and been enjoying my time with it these past two nights. Thanks to shr84 for confirming geometry for us and getting an early profile up.

    Generation Zero (G3D/Z3D)

    Kind of like Fallout 76 but a bit creepier with more emphasis on stealth. If you like creeping through the woods and rummaging through abandoned houses for supplies, this has you covered. Once detected and taking fire, it can be quite intense as you scramble to escape and not be cornered. The nighttime atmosphere makes for a pretty neat vr experience.

    G3D is working beautifully thanks to the Hunter: Call of the Wild profile, and only needed a couple disagreeable shadow fixes to look great. I’ve uploaded my settings to the cloud, though I bet we’ll see this one officially before long.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440)
    – set FOV to max 80 in game
    – turn off dynamic resolution in game
    – turn off motion blur (or static objects may look blurry)

    *Setting Shadow Treatment to OFF in vorpX will hide the crosshair if you like, but note this will also hide map icons. Use Z3D toggle key when using map.
    *HUD can be scaled for G3D, but will cause flicker if used with Z3D.
    *Close one eye when using scopes, like you would in real life.

    I’ve chosen cinema at near fullscreen as default (best for Pimax8k), but Rift users may want to also try immersive and fullVR modes for a better fit. Enjoy!

    Some solo play you can scrub through to get an idea:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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