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    Anyone know if the 3d function for vorpx works with arma?

    I have a feeling it used to work fully, but it appears now that vorpx only uses its generic profile and i cannot use any advanced features?

    Ralph could you advise? Maybe i need to change arma3’s exe to something else?



    Arma 3 always was Z3D only (works quite well though in that case). I will look into G3D after the next vorpX update again. There was some serious work done on the DX11 G3D stuff lately, with some luck it may be possible now. No promises though!

    Even if possible in general, G3D performance would probably a huge issue, the game is a resource hog.



    I really appreciate this. I think arma 3 works the best with VR, opentrack & vorpx. Its like a game that was really meant for VR.

    I agree that the performance wont be as good, however with arma 3 now running 64 bit the optimisation has improved alot. My friend has told me he now can run it at around 100fps on 64 bit with a 7700k oc to 4.5ghz. So i am sure it will be dooable, even if we have to lower some graphical settings.


    Hi Ralf,
    i would also like to see ARMA3 with G3D. ARMA would be my favorite to see in VR.

    I have a further question. Why do i opentrack in addition to vorpx? Is it possible to make arma fully working onl ywith vorpx? It would be making the configuration less complictaed and my be gives some more performance?

    Arma is running now in 64bit!

    THX for your work



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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