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    I’m running games at 4k in “Geometry” mode (am I trying too hard to have the best possible experience?) and its laggy. Im forced to use Z-normal for these situations, which I believe is a tad less immersive – although passable and playable-enough for sure. I have an MSI GTX 1080 Ti.

    I’ve been playing Fallout 4 (amazing in Vorpx!!!) at 4k and ya… when Geometry is turned on, its pretty laggy. If I picked up a GTX 3080 would I have better luck? I turned off the frame-rate cap in the game. Could also play a role……….



    4k Z3D, 2k G3D or 3080 are your choices.


    Same card as you, G3D is a performance killer, either upgrade your card, play old games in G3D or use Z3D instead.


    Vorpx resizes your screen resolution to about 2000X2000 depending on the game. You’re going to get diminishing value going beyond that. 4K is around the equivalent of a 2.0 supersampling rate which will kill your performance.

    I usually shoot for 2560×1440 – the resolution is good and I can play most G3D games at 40fps. If the game has built-in supersampling, I’ll set it to 1.25 to 1.5 and lower my resolution to 1920×1080.

    tldr; lower your resolution to a reasonable level.


    I play FO4 on 2880×2160 with an 1080ti with Framerates beetween 22 and 48 (G3D). The game becomes laggy of corse in certain areas with high details (22 fps), but mainly runs fluend. What you have to do is finetune your settings, i personally lowered shadows and other advanced techniques in favor of details and resolution. There is a manual somwhere on the web describing the settings in detail and how much a change will affect your game.

    I dont think a newer card will bring much more performance, make shure you run latest vorpx and on the G3D settings page choose “NEW” sync type which should bring about 20% more performance on FO4.

    Please keep in mind that your cpu and mainboard may also have effect on performance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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